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Title : Principles of Business Management
Author(s) : Maritz, wenhuizen, Oosthuizen
Published : 1 October 2015 Description :

Principles of Business Management third edition is a foundational text that provides a solid theoretical grounding in management principles, and management functions.

Title : A History of Modern Africa
Author(s) : Richard J. Reid
Published : 14 November 2011 Description :

Updated and revised to emphasise long-term perspectives on current issues facing the continent, the new 2nd Edition of A History of Modern Africa recounts the full breadth of Africa's political, economic, and social history over the past two centuries.

Title : Structured Decision Making
Author(s) : Robin Gregory
Published : 17 February 2012 Description : This book outlines the creative process of making environmental management decisions using the approach called Structured Decision Making.
Title : Field Geophysics
Author(s) : John Milson, Asger Eriksen
Published : 24 June 2011 Description :

This handy pocket-sized field guide provides practical information and assistance to anyone engaged in small-scale surveys on the ground

Title : Engineering Hydrology for Natural Resources Engineers
Author(s) : Ernest W Tollner
Published : 17 August 2016 Description :

This fully revised edition provides a modern overview of the intersection of hydrology, water quality, and water management at the rural-urban interface.

Title : The Classroom Teacher's Technology Survival Guide
Author(s) : Doug Johnson
Published : 23 February 2012
Description :

A comprehensive guide for integrating educational technology in the K-12 classroom. This is a must-have resource for all K-12 teachers and administrators who want to really make the best use of available technologies.

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I managed to find all my textbooks despite the fact that I study at a South African University. I also managed to pay using EcoCash. This is so convenient for my parents and thoughtful for students studying outside Zimbabwe.

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